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Ecthelion, Lio to his friends
Lord of the Fountain

Background and history:
Ecthelion was one of the lords of the city-kingdom of Gondolin, ruled by Turgon; he led the House of the Fountain, one of the city's twelve noble houses. He was the guard of the last of Gondolin's seven gates. He had the most beautiful voice and greatest musical talent of all the people of Gondolin. He wore a helmet adorned with a silver spike.

He led a wing of Gondolin's forces at the disastrous Nírnaeth Arnoediad (Battle of Unnumbered Tears) and defended a flank as Turgon retreated. He fought valiantly in the defense of the city when it was finally attacked and taken by Morgoth's armies. It was he who fought Gothmog, the Lord of Balrogs in single combat: standing alone defending a wounded Tuor, he slew and was slain by Morgoth's mightiest captain.

He killed three Balrogs before his final duel, but lost the use of both his shield-arm and sword-arm in the process. Weaponless, he drove his helmet's spike deep into Gothmog's breast, and they fell into the fountain together, entangled.

Thereafter his name became a warcry of the Eldar, and a terror to the Orcs. Possible wielder of Orcrist, mate to King Turgon's sword Glamdring, and later the sword of Thorin Oakenshield.

Character Points:
Lio and Turgon are best friends, and have been since they were young. He's loyal to Turgon, although does have something of an independent and contrary streak. Lio's very good at his job of Captain of the Guard, and takes his responsibilities seriously. However, he does like to let loose and have a good time when off duty. Has a wry sense of humor. Loves music. Plays the flute and sings.

He's a bit passive when it comes to relationships, so he's usually the one people come on to, rather than coming on to anyone. He can be easily lead, although he's got a strong sense of self-preservation, and it's hard to take advantage of him. For the most part, he's pretty easy going, but when he does get angry, it's hard for him to forgive and forget.

Appearance: Tall, dark hair, light eyes, handsome, pretty much like all the elves.

Face: Kevin Zegers


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